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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I place an order?

A- To purchase an item by phone or email, please call us at 214-458-0641 or 406-552-3610, or email us.


Q- Can I Search your entire website, for a specific stamp or a specific PSE numeric grade?

A- Yes. From any Gallery, Simply enter any Scott number and click 'GO' button. You can also search the entire site by PSE Numeric Grade; 100, 98J, 98 and so on.


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Q- If a stamp is shown on the site, is it IN STOCK and ready to ship?
A- Yes. All stamps offered are available unless marked 'SOLD' or "ON HOLD -SALE Pending"  Our website uses a real-time data system, that automatically removes SOLD items immediately after they are purchased. If you see it on our site, it's available at that moment in time. To be certain a phone to our office during usual business hours, to confirm would be fine.
All stamps are secured in de-humidified surroundings.