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Errors and Freaks 

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Scott # Lot No Description Price
1294870 Used
Ultramarine. Substantial perforation shift with full Plate #8 capture. Rough perfs at right, otherwise sound.
7631153 F-VF Used
Brown and Blue. Type I. Stunning Two-way Vignette shift. Vignette is shifted well to the right and down, very noticeably. Type I characteristics obvious with this large of a shift.
7631152 F-VF Used
Brown and Blue. Type I. Large Vignette shift down and to the Left.
7631151 Used
Brown and Blue. Type II. Astonishing Two-way Vignette shift. Vignette is shifted well to the right and down noticeably. Very easy to see complete Type II characteristics with a massive shift like this one.
7631155 F Used
Brown and Blue. Type II. Large Shift of Blue Vignette, to the left. Very minor paper faults.
7631154 VG Used
Brown and Blue. Type II. TWO-way Vignette shift, down and to the right by a significant degree. Small paper condition issues, nothing all that noteworthy.
7631159 Never Hinged
Two Mint stamps, one with vignette shifted up noticeably and the other shifted down. One NH, One with hinge remnant.
7631160 OG
TWO Mint Singles, Plate# 11139 single with HUGE Black Color shift up and the other stamp with a 'Sinking Ship' very low ship. Both stamps Mint, original gum, with hinge remnants.
7631157 VF Used
Black shifted UP considerably.
7631164 VF-XF Never Hinged
Lower right corner margin single with HUGE Black Color Shift. The 'High, Fast train' variety. Gum is pristine and fresh, never hinged.
7631163 OG
FOUR Different Color Shifts. Train shifted significantly in all Four different directions. Original gum, each stamp hinged.
7631162 VF-XF OG
Mint, original gum with a substantial Black Color shift. #297 displays very few color shifts. This example quite large. Stamp with prior hinge remnants.
7631161 Used
THREE Used singles, each with different degree or direction of vignette shift. 297's have never been found with large shifts like on 294 and 295.
536321 Never Hinged
2016 PF Certificate; Carmine Rose. Bottom Plate# 19841 Block of SIX with sizable Pre-printing paper fold affecting 3 of 6 stamps. Mint original gum, few small natural gum skips, but never hinged.
7631048 Never Hinged
1932 Olympic Winter Games. Diamond shaped stamp, due to diagonal perforation shift. Few natural gum skips.
7631046 OG
1932 Olympic Winter Games. Sizable and dramatic pre-printing paperfold. Orignal gum, lightly hinged. Several natural gum skips, but then it would be expected the back of the stamp is a bit messed up by the PPF
7631125 Never Hinged
Vertical strip of 4, Transition from Underinked at Top, to slightly Overinked at Bottom.
7631128 Never Hinged
Set of THREE, Horizontal pair, IMPERF between. Each pair hand-picked for nice centering.
7631106 Never Hinged
FIVE Different INKING varieties. All but one Heavily Overinked.
164813 Superb Used
2005 APS Certificate; Poland Ovverrun Nations. REVERSE Printing of Flag Colors; Blue Violet and Red OVER Black. This Scott listed Variety is not difficult to source in UNUSED condition. USED examples are a different story - only a few have been certified. Mild Wavy Line Postmark.
7631104 Never Hinged
FIVE Different INKING varieties with most being heavily overinked.
7631105 Never Hinged
SIX Different INKING Varieties. Each with Normal stamp included.
81826 VF 80 Never Hinged
2002 PSE Graded Certificate; Deep violet. THIN Paper Variety. All known examples of this variety have natural gum skips.
163162 F Never Hinged
Deep Violet. Imperforate Coil Pair. Datz: 30 pairs reported to exist.

Rare Major Error
7631143 Never Hinged
Massive COLOR SHIFT. Smallish vertical gum skip.
354415 VF-XF Never Hinged
2000 PF Certificate; Settlement of Florida; 1565-1965. YELLOW Omitted. Datz: 300-400 exist.
168021 F-VF Never Hinged
1986 PF Certificate; Black. Imperforate Coil Pair. Abraham Lincoln.

Datz: 100 pairs reported
7631141 Never Hinged
Type I. Coil Pair, Imperforate between in Strip of 4.
7631140 Never Hinged
Type I. Coil Pair, Imperforate between.
7631127 Never Hinged
Horizontal pair, IMPERFORATE Between. Datz: 100-200 pairs. (Note from Datz catalog; "Often with clipped perfs, a normal result of trimming at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing."
7631126 Never Hinged
Block of FOUR, IMPERFORATE. Post office fresh with original gum, never hinged.
7631134 VF-XF Never Hinged
Slate Green Omitted. A very well centered example, only 100 exist per Datz. Includes photocopy of 1991 PF Certificate #231869, for the unique sheet, from which this stamp came. Normal stamp included.
215656 VF Never Hinged
1989 PF Certificate; Block of Four, Imperforate between. Datz: 50+ pairs.

Ex. Floyd.
7631132 XF Never Hinged
Ocher Omitted. Post Office fresh. Datz: 400 - 500 exist.
7631120 Never Hinged
TWO Different Errors; 1384c; Lt Green Omitted and then also a SINGLE with maximum perforation shift.
7631045 Never Hinged
BLACK severely underinked and shifted UP. Denomination nearly omitted as a result of the Underinking. Only a smattering of miniscule flecks of black ink are visible.
7631041 VF Never Hinged
Green Color shifted downward substantially.
7631042 XF Never Hinged
THREE Single stamps, each with a progressively larger Yellow Color shift downward. Bottom stamp with particularly significant shift.
7631044 VF Never Hinged
TWO singles, each with BLUE Color shift. One shifted Up, the other shifted Down.
7631039 Never Hinged
Green, Red, Yellow and Blue all shifted. Creates neat effect of runners going DOWNHILL. Note also the corresponding bizarre placement of the Olympic rings. 'Normal' stamp shown at right and is included.

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