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Errors and Freaks 

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Scott # Lot No Description Price
1305061 XF 90 Never Hinged
2015 PSE Graded Certificate; Multicolored. Green and Red Brown Omitted. Normal stamp shown and included. XF quality, at the Scott VF price.

Datz: 100 reported to exist.
1295188 Never Hinged
Banking and Commerce Pair, with sizable Mutliple Color shift.
7631138 XF Never Hinged
Coil Pair, Imperforate between, in Strip of Four. Datz: 75-100 pairs exist.
7631139 XF-Superb Never Hinged
Black Omitted. Coil Pair.
525611 XF-Superb Unused
2015 PF Certificate; Multicolor. Vertical Pair, Imperforate. Perfectly and neatly cut with balanced margins, Post office fresh. Also, 1990 PF Certificate.
1295193 Never Hinged
31c Bicentennial Souvenir Sheet with stunning diagonal perforation shift. Perforations are shifted diagonally, by 15mm at the far left, resulting in the first stamps from the left with denomination omitted (PS). Sheet has minor paper issues including couple minor and small paper wrinkles and a very small and short tear in the left margin.

This is the most dramatic and significant perforation shift I have ever seen on this issue.
1305063 VF-XF Never Hinged
2015 PSE Certificate; 'USA/31c' Omitted on Position 'a.' see close-up photo. One of two, found recently in a hoard of 600 Sets of Bicentennial Souvenir Sheets. (2,400 panes in total)

New Listing as #1689y, in 2017 Scott Specialized Catalog.

To our knowledge, there are only TWO of these in existence as Jan 1, 2017
1295178 VF Never Hinged
Photography. Color shift. Normal stamp included.
7631034 F-VF Never Hinged
Black shifted to the left, 'creating' TWO Javelins. Normal stamp included.
7631137 VF-XF Never Hinged
Coil Pair. Black Omitted.
7631145 XF Never Hinged
COIL Strip of 3 with Plate# 10; 'Illinois' color shift.
1295187 Never Hinged
Double Error. IMPERFORATE and MISCUT, strip of 6. Never Hinged. Miscut places denomination at top instead of the bottom.
269792 VF-XF Never Hinged
1993 PF Certificate; Coil Pair, Imperforate between. Datz: 35+ Pairs reported.
7631006 XF Used
Imperforate Pair tied by Omaha Neb. Sep. 2, 1988 FDOI machine cancel on unaddressed hand-painted ("Van") cacheted cover. Rare first day with major error, Datz records around six examples
1295179 VF-XF Never Hinged
Certified Public Accounting. Strip of 3, with interesting Solvent smear. Full and Fresh Original Never Hinged Gum.
1337272 VF-XF Used
2017 PSE Certificate; Multicolored. BEP printing freak. Gray instead of Blue background. Chemically altered during the plate wiping process. Normal stamp included. See Copy of Linn's article from 2002 explaining how this unique error came into existence.
7631122 Never Hinged
Gummed, perforated and tagged, from the top of the web. Ink color, paper, gum type matches Lunch Wagon issue.
3297854 XF Never Hinged
1995 PF Certificate; Multicolored. Large, Two-way Color shift. Normal stamp included. Copy of 1995 PF Certificate for Strip of 3, this being the middle stamp.
7631067 Never Hinged
Pair. Lithographed Red severely underinked, if not omitted in Bottom stamp Cherub's hair, wings and upper torso. Up close teeny red specks are visible across bottom stamp, and appear as wiping streaks. The Cherub's hair on the bottom stamp however, has a two-tone appearance, in contrast to the top stamp which is 'normally' printed.
7631064 VF-XF Never Hinged
Multicolored. Pair. Lithographed Red severely underinked, , if not omitted in top stamp Cherub's hair. Up close teeny red specks are visible across top stamp, and appear as wiping streaks. The Cherub's hair on the top stamp however, is a strikingly different color, in contrast to the bottom stamp which is 'normally' printed.
7631063 VF-XF Never Hinged
Multicolored. Plate#1111-1 block of 4 with Lithographed Red severely under inked, if not omitted on Cherub's hair. Up close teeny red specks are visible across both top stamps, and appear as wiping streaks. The Cherub's hair on each of the top stamps however, is a strikingly different color, in contrast to the bottom stamps which are 'normally' printed.
1249622 XF Never Hinged
2012 PSE Certificate; Multicolored. Engraved Black Omitted.
7631032 Never Hinged
Vertical pair, Black severely underinked on bottom stamp and on the legs of skier on top stamp.
1317207 VF Used
2016 PSE Certificate; Multicolored. Postal Counterfeit. Scott Listed. Two singles, on piece.
7632000 F-VF OG
Vertical pair, IMPERFORATE Horizontally in Centerline block of four (two error pairs), original gum, previously hinged, weak vertical perforations. Stupidly rare. Find another.
7631035 Never Hinged
Trio of different Color Shifts, including the top stamp with significant shift of the yellow.
7631058 Never Hinged
Bottom margin SeTenant Block of 4. Both bottom stamps IMPERFORATE at bottom.
1305683 VF-XF Unused
2015 PSE Certificate; Blue. Overprint Ink Smear and a small hinge thin.
7631144 Never Hinged
Imperforate Pair. Printers Waste. Small scuff on gum (shiny)
7631062 VF Unused
#10 Size ENTIRE, Blue Gray Omitted.

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