Graded MINT Stamps Never Hinged Fine 70 to GEM100

Grading performed by The Philatelic Foundation, and/or PSE.

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Scott # Lot No Description Price
1269725 XF-Superb 95 Used
2013 PSE Graded Certificate; Blue. Type III. Position 50L4. Lovely stamp with four balanced and generous margins with strong color and a neatly struck CDS cancel. Also, 2008 PSE Certificate XFS 95, 1997 and 1984 PF Certificates.
531299 VF Used
2015 PF Certificate; Blue. Type IV. Nearly Four margins, touching at bottom only with well clear to large around. Striking RED Paint cancellation; Mobile AL. Slight dry print in vignette, noted on PF Cert. This stamp from pair, with 2002 PF Certificate for same.
1317226 VF-XF 85 Used
2016 PSE Graded Certificate; Blue. Type IV.
436119 VF Used
Orange Red. Position 8L4. Four margins, strong orange tinge, attractive Black Town cancel. Dr. Amonette's plating notes accompany; 'not a common color.'
436137 VF Used
Rose Brown. Position 14L5L. Four margins, close at bottom, light Black town cancel. Dr. Amonette's plating notes accompany; 'Nice Color Sample.'
436116 VF Used
Experimental Orange Brown. Position 1L1L. VERY Fiery shade. Good example of 'gummy' ink. Plated by Chase. Dr. Amonette's plating notes accompany
436114 VF-XF Used
Pale Brownish Carmine. Position 77L1L. 4 Margin example with deep color, and face free cancel.

From The LONESTAR Collection
436115 XF Used
Deep Brownish Carmine. Position 17R3.

Ex. Amonette.

From The LONESTAR Collection
436120 F-VF Used
Orange Red. Type II. Fiery shade. Position 98R1L. Dr. Amonette's plating notes accompany
436141 XF-Superb Used
Deep Early Claret. Position 29L3 Variety. Extra line at left, No Line at right. See Plating note from Dr. Amonette, which is included.

From The LONESTAR Collection
436122 VF-XF Used
Brownish Carmine. Position 59L3. No Line at Right. 4 balanced margins.

From The LONESTAR Collection
475108 VF Used
2009 PF Certificate; Pinkish. Position 12R8. The Rarest shade on Chase color chart. Four margins, from ample to large. In addition to the PF Cert, the plating card from which this stamp originated, signed by W.F. Amonette, further identifies the shade. Mild Black Town cancel. Tiny corner crease at top right.

A Very Desirable Rarity for the Color Specialist

From The LONESTAR Collection
436121 VF Used
Orange Brown. Position 14R4. Rare shade as noted by Dr. Amonette on his plating card. Rich and unmistakable shade, strong impression. Four clear, or better margins.

From The LONESTAR Collection
436123 VF-XF Used
Deep Purplish Claret. Position 84L8. Luxuriant shade, very intense. Light Black town cancel. Four margin example.

From The LONESTAR Collection
1277915 XF-Superb 95J Used
2014 PSE Graded Certificate; Red brown. Right side margin single with full to Jumbo margins, Strong color and impression with appealing black and red cancels. Also, 2006 PF Certificate.
531300 VF 80 Used
2015 PF Graded Certificate; Red brown. Type I. Four ample and balanced margins around. Very mild and unobtrusive BLUE Town cancellation. Also, 2004 and 1980 PF Certificate.
1272763 XF 90 Used
2013 PSE Graded Certificate; Green. Strong color and impression with four very evenly cut margins; Appealing Jan 3 CDS date cancel.
385126 XF Used
2002 PF Certificate; Black. Right side margin single with lovely Blue Cincinnati Town Cancel. Four full margins, and then some, at right. Tiny skilled repair at far right of design, about 3 O'clock. Visible in our photo and on 2002 PF Certificate, PF however did not call the repair. (An apparent indication of how minimally noticeable it is).
501180 VF 80 Used
2012 PF Graded Certificate; Blue. Type IIIa. Strong stamp with bright color and sharply detailed impression, clearly showing the type characteristics at the top. Very wide break completely visible at the the top. A well struck Belmont Mass SEP 7 Town cancel is a quite pleasing cancellation. Value guidance is for ordinary cancel, premium cancel here. Also, 1985 and 2004 PF Certificates.

Ex. Koppersmith
1297351 XF 90 Used
2015 PSE Graded Certificate; Dull red. Type III. Nicely centered with light and attractive CDS cancel. Also, 2003 PSE Certificate Graded XF 90.
531301 F-VF Used
2015 PF Certificate; Brick red. Type I. Vibrant color, nicely centered with perforations clear of projections on 3 sides, barely touching at bottom. Couple short perfs at upper left mentioned by PF. This issue notorious for rough perforations. Pleasing and mild San Francisco, CAL postmark. Also, 1999 PF Certificate.
491520 XF-Superb 95 Used
2010 PF Graded Certificate; Brown. Type I. Rich color, choice centering and a mild black cancellation.
531302 VF 80 Used
2015 PF Graded Certificate; Brown. Type I. Nicely centered stamp with light, RED Grid cancellation. A very pretty stamp. Also, 2000 PF Certificate. Also, 2000 PF Certificate.
545980 VF 80 Used
2016 PF Graded Certificate; Green. Type I. Pretty stamp, nicely centered with Deep Red Grid Cancellation. Also, 1996 PF Certificate.
1269726 XF-Superb 95 Used
2013 PSE Graded Certificate; Green. Type II. Very pretty stamp with rich color and a crisp impression on fresh paper. Very well centered within generous margins for issue, a mild black New Orleans CDS cancellation. Also, 2008 PSE Certificate XFS 95.
1307203 VF-XF 85 Used
2015 PSE Graded Certificate; Black. Plate 3. Very nicely centered with strong color and impression. Pretty Blue target cancellation. Also, 2007 PF Certificate.
183520 VF Used
2008 PSE Certificate; Blue. Vertically Laid Paper. Small toned spot in upper right corner. Strong Color with sharply incised, detailed impression. Well pronounced and obvious laid lines. Lines are visible to the naked eye.

From The LONESTAR Collection
436134 VF Used
Pale Blue. Very warm pastel color.
533862 VF-XF 85 Used
2016 PF Graded Certificate; Brown lilac. An unusually beautiful stamp with vibrant, rich color and a gorgeous two color cancellation; black 3 bar grid and red transit. Also, 1994 PF Certificate.
531306 VF-XF Used
2015 PF Certificate; Black. Nicely centered with attractive BLUE Grid cancel. Trivial perf tip crease, that is only visible when dipping noted on 2015 PF Cert. Also, 2000 PF certificate
468345 VF-XF Used
2008 PF Certificate; Brown. Fresh color and nicely centered with appealing small quartered cork cancellation.
1236881 VF-XF Used
2011 PSE Certificate; Lilac. Choice centering with unusually wide and balanced margins. Rich color and proof-like impression. Two perf tips expertly repaired. Neat strike of circle of V's cancel and trace of red transit at top left. Also, 1985 PF Certificate.

Ex. Koppersmith.

1168113 VF-XF Used
2008 PSE Certificate; Dark Lilac. A very well centered example of this Elusive shade. Color is rich and especially deep. Very well-centered with Black Target Cancel.
531308 VF-XF 85J Used
2015 PF Graded Certificate; Green. 'F' Grill. Nicely centered amid oversize margins, with strong color and impression. Unobtrusive light cork and red transit cancellations. Also, 2002 PF Certificate.
531309 VF 80 Used
2015 PF Graded Certificate; Black. 'F' Grill. Pretty stamp with Lovely BLUE Cork cancellation. You don't see pretty colored cancels like this stamp on #97's, all that often. Thus, a premium example. Also, 1999 PF Certificate.
531310 VF 80 Used
2015 PSE Graded Certificate; Black. 'F' Grill. Nicely centered with RED Baltimore Foreign Mail cancellation. Premium cancel.
531311 F-VF Used
2015 PF Certificate; Gray lilac. 'F' Grill. Nice example of this notoriously difficult stamp, with uncharacteristically large margins all around, strong color, neat segmented cork cancellation. Clear grill impression. Also, 2005 and 1996 PF Certificates.
456299 XF 90 Used
2007 PF Graded Certificate; Buff. Well centered with strong color and a crisp impression. A distinct and pleasing strike of Blue Circle of Wedges that is visually striking. Also, 1988 and 2003 PF Certificates.

Well struck and pretty blue cancels are few and far between on this issue.
398638 VF-XF Used
2003 PF Certificate; Brown. Unusually rich and deep shade, nicely centered amid pleasing perforations. Very light cancellation. Small natural inking flaw at top and at bottom (not noted on certificate). From strip of 3, this is stamp #2. Copy of 2003 PF Certificate for the original strip of 3.
1294870 Used
Ultramarine. Substantial perforation shift with full Plate #8 capture. Rough perfs at right, otherwise sound.

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