Graded MINT Stamps Never Hinged Fine 70 to GEM100

Grading performed by The Philatelic Foundation, and/or PSE.

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Scott # Lot No Description Price
456299 XF 90 Used
2007 PF Graded Certificate; Buff. Well centered with strong color and a crisp impression. A distinct and pleasing strike of Blue Circle of Wedges that is visually striking. Also, 1988 and 2003 PF Certificates.

Well struck and pretty blue cancels are few and far between on this issue.
531313 XF 90 Used
2015 PF Graded Certificate; Green. Very pretty stamp, with extremely fine centering and a lovely very light BLUE grid and partial CDS cancellation. Also, 2001 PF Certificate.
1333403 XF 90 Used
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Red Orange.
1086834 XF 90J Used
2006 PSE Graded Certificate; Full black. Intense shade and vibrant color with fully detailed impression. Extremely fine centering amid quite large, Jumbo margins. Moderate grid cancellation.
1023463 XF 90 Used
2005 PSE Graded Certificate; Blue green. Well centered with strong color and impression. Mild quartered cork cancel. Also, 2002 PF Certificate.

Ex. Kirke.
533858 XF 90 Never Hinged
2016 PF Graded Certificate; Carmine & black. Bright and Fresh, in every respect. The PF has appended an XQ rating to this stamp, indicating Exceptional Quality. Also, 2000 PF Certificate.
1157977 XF 90 Never Hinged
PSE Graded Capsule; Carmine & black. Post Office fresh. Original gum is never hinged and pristine.
1222573 XF 90 OG
2010 PSE Graded Certificate; Carmine & black. Nicely centered with quite bright and very fresh colors. Original gum is fresh, a very light and very small, prior hinge mark only.
531251 XF 90 Used
2015 PSE Graded Certificate; Brown Violet and Black. Light Purple Cancellation.
516117 XF 90 Never Hinged
2013 PF Graded Certificate; Lake. Type II. Left-side Plate# 4671 single. Post Office fresh. Very fresh and nice position piece, earning the PF XQ rating for Exceptional Quality.
1297361 XF 90 OG
2015 PSE Graded Certificate; Orange. Bright color, sharply incised impression on white paper. Only the very faintest evidence (really very faint- 'appears' NH). Also, 2006 PSE Certificate Graded XF 90 OG.
523547 XF 90J Used
2014 PF Graded Certificate; Blue.
1336978 XF 90 Used
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Brown. Block of 4. CDS Cancellation.
1328814 XF 90 Used
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Carmine and black. Somewhat face-free, black double oval cancellation.
1336964 XF 90 Used
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Deep Violet. Coil Joint Line pair. CDS Cancellation.
1305061 XF 90 Never Hinged
2015 PSE Graded Certificate; Multicolored. Green and Red Brown Omitted. Normal stamp shown and included. XF quality, at the Scott VF price.

Datz: 100 reported to exist.
449461 XF 90 Never Hinged
2007 PF Graded Certificate; Orange. Bright color and crisp impression on fresh paper. Gum is pristine and fresh, NH.
484364 XF 90 Never Hinged
2010 PF Graded Certificate; Red lilac. lovely fresh stamp with fresh color and strong impression. A tall stamp with full original never hinged gum that is quite fresh and in a high state of preservation.
1291585 XF 90 OG
2014 PSE Graded Certificate; Rose red. Vibrant shade, nicely centered with attractive perforations around. Original gum, couple of hinge remnants at top center.
1324284 XF 90 Used
2016 PSE Graded Certificate; Rose Lake. Bottom margin, part imprint single.
1333400 XF 90J OG
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Purple. Huge margins, very well centered. Original gum, couple prior hinge remnants at top center.
1006825 XF 90 Never Hinged
2005 PSE Graded Certificate; Light green. Scaup Ducks Taking to Flight. Moderate natural gum bend at upper left, not mentioned on certificate.
128056 XF 90 Never Hinged
2004 PSE Graded Certificate; Multicolored. Brant.
129113 XF 90 Never Hinged
2004 PSE Graded Certificate; Multicolored. Nene Goose.
1237176 XF 90 Never Hinged
2011 PSE Graded Certificate; Multicolored. Long-tailed Duck. Artist Signed Souvenir Sheet.

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