Graded MINT Stamps Original Gum Fine 70 to GEM 100

Previously Hinged - PSE and PF Graded

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1275947 F OG
2014 PSE Certificate; Black. Block of Four. Fine Centering with fresh color and impression. Full original gum, several prior hinge marks and a very small remnant only. Mint OG multiples from 19th Century, not all that common as majority have been broken into single stamps for collectors.
1161946 Superb 98 OG
2008 PSE Graded Certificate; Ultramarine. Exceptionally well centered with vibrant color and a sharp impression on fresh paper. Only a very light prior hinge mark.
1237428 XF-Superb 95 OG
2011 PSE Graded Certificate; Dark green. Very well centered with rich color and a sharply detailed impression on fresh paper. Original gum, only the very faintest evidence of prior hinging.
441982 XF-Superb 95 OG
2006 PF Graded Certificate; Violet Brown. Very well centered with crisp impression and vibrant color.Original gum, with prior hinge mark, no remnant. Also, 1993 PF Certificate.
1216398 XF-Superb 95 OG
2010 PSE Graded Certificate; Brown. Exceptionally Well Centered With strong color and Impression. Original Gum, portion of light, prior remnant and a prior hinge mark.
1222573 XF 90 OG
2010 PSE Graded Certificate; Carmine & black. Nicely centered with quite bright and very fresh colors. Original gum is fresh, a very light and very small, prior hinge mark only.
1297361 XF 90 OG
2015 PSE Graded Certificate; Orange. Bright color, sharply incised impression on white paper. Only the very faintest evidence (really very faint- 'appears' NH). Also, 2006 PSE Certificate Graded XF 90 OG.
1257495 F OG
2012 PSE Certificate; Carmine. Coil Pair, Paste-up. Plate# 6415 on paste-up tab. Couple hinge remnants.

NEW DISCOVERY, unlisted Plate# in Durland. New plate numbers can still be found, 100 years after the fact. This is our second discovery in the last year!
1330780 XF-Superb 95 OG
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Gray. Exceptional centering with crisp impression and strong color. Original gum, portion of prior hinge remnant.
1329852 XF-Superb 95 OG
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Brown Red. Top stamps with light hinge mark, bottom stamps are never hinged. Gum is quite fresh considering it was applied by hand with a brush.
1298857 Superb 98 OG
2015 PSE Graded Certificate; Ultramarine. Brilliant color and sharply detailed impression on white paper. Exceptionally well centered. Original gum, previously hinged, couple small remnants.
1291585 XF 90 OG
2014 PSE Graded Certificate; Rose red. Vibrant shade, nicely centered with attractive perforations around. Original gum, couple of hinge remnants at top center.
1333400 XF 90J OG
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Purple. Huge margins, very well centered. Original gum, couple prior hinge remnants at top center.

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