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183520 VF Used
2008 PSE Certificate; Blue. Vertically Laid Paper. Small toned spot in upper right corner. Strong Color with sharply incised, detailed impression. Well pronounced and obvious laid lines. Lines are visible to the naked eye.

From The LONESTAR Collection
1236881 VF-XF Used
2011 PSE Certificate; Lilac. Choice centering with unusually wide and balanced margins. Rich color and proof-like impression. Two perf tips expertly repaired. Neat strike of circle of V's cancel and trace of red transit at top left. Also, 1985 PF Certificate.

Ex. Koppersmith.

1168113 VF-XF Used
2008 PSE Certificate; Dark Lilac. A very well centered example of this Elusive shade. Color is rich and especially deep. Very well-centered with Black Target Cancel.
1307209 VF-XF Used
2015 PSE Certificate; Vermilion. Pretty stamp with bright color, attractive light red transit and black target cancels. Also, 1998 PF Certificate.
1239484 VF-XF Never Hinged
2011 PSE Graded Certificate; Purple. Bottom margin Plate# 107 and Bureau Imprint Strip of 3. Very well centered with strong color and crisp impression. Original gum and fresh never hinged gum. Also, 1986 PF Certificate.
1249180 VF-XF Never Hinged
2012 PSE Certificate; Dark brown. A Lovely Wide top margin pair with Imprint. Very well centered. Post Office fresh, with strong color, gum is immaculate and pristine. (SCV for two single stamps).

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