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7631158 VF-XF Never Hinged
Green and Black. Top Part Bureau Imprint single. Very nicely centered, Gum is pristine and fresh.
1330777 VF-XF Never Hinged
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Olive Green. Wide top Plate number single Plate# 1607. Post office fresh, Never hinged.
1295004 VG-F Used
Double Transfer. In Clear mount on vignette panel. See close-up photo.
1294770 VF OG
Two Kansas City Rouletted Blocks of 4, (#408 and 409) hinged to 1922 notarized statement documenting date and location of purchase. Each block also double signed on lower right stamp; #408 with 'WW' handstamp and 'MOC' in pencil, #409 with 'ERW' in pencil and 'WW' in handstamp.

The reason for the notary on these stamps is they represent one of the very few instances of privately perforated sheet stamps being sold over the Post Office counter.
544437 F OG
2017 PF Certificate; Deep Red Violet. Reasonably rare stamp. Distinct shade and crisp impression. Original gum with only very faint evidence of prior hinging, if any at all. (Gum photo included)

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