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Inking VarietyPre-Printing Paperfold

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536321 Never Hinged
2016 PF Certificate; Carmine Rose. Bottom Plate# 19841 Block of SIX with sizable Pre-printing paper fold affecting 3 of 6 stamps. Mint original gum, few small natural gum skips, but never hinged.
7631063 VF-XF Never Hinged
Multicolored. Plate#1111-1 block of 4 with Lithographed Red severely under inked, if not omitted on Cherub's hair. Up close teeny red specks are visible across both top stamps, and appear as wiping streaks. The Cherub's hair on each of the top stamps however, is a strikingly different color, in contrast to the bottom stamps which are 'normally' printed.

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