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Perforation ShiftColor Shift
Color OmittedImperforate
Inking VarietyPre-Printing Paperfold

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Scott # Lot No Description Price
7631128 Never Hinged
Set of THREE, Horizontal pair, IMPERF between. Each pair hand-picked for nice centering.
163162 F Never Hinged
Deep Violet. Imperforate Coil Pair. Datz: 30 pairs reported to exist.

Rare Major Error
168021 F-VF Never Hinged
1986 PF Certificate; Black. Imperforate Coil Pair. Abraham Lincoln.

Datz: 100 pairs reported
7631141 Never Hinged
Type I. Coil Pair, Imperforate between in Strip of 4.
7631140 Never Hinged
Type I. Coil Pair, Imperforate between.
7631127 Never Hinged
Horizontal pair, IMPERFORATE Between. Datz: 100-200 pairs. (Note from Datz catalog; "Often with clipped perfs, a normal result of trimming at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing."
7631126 Never Hinged
Block of FOUR, IMPERFORATE. Post office fresh with original gum, never hinged.
215656 VF Never Hinged
1989 PF Certificate; Block of Four, Imperforate between. Datz: 50+ pairs.

Ex. Floyd.
7631138 XF Never Hinged
Coil Pair, Imperforate between, in Strip of Four. Datz: 75-100 pairs exist.
525611 XF-Superb Unused
2015 PF Certificate; Multicolor. Vertical Pair, Imperforate. Perfectly and neatly cut with balanced margins, Post office fresh. Also, 1990 PF Certificate.
1295187 Never Hinged
Double Error. IMPERFORATE and MISCUT, strip of 6. Never Hinged. Miscut places denomination at top instead of the bottom.
269792 VF-XF Never Hinged
1993 PF Certificate; Coil Pair, Imperforate between. Datz: 35+ Pairs reported.
7631006 XF Used
Imperforate Pair tied by Omaha Neb. Sep. 2, 1988 FDOI machine cancel on unaddressed hand-painted ("Van") cacheted cover. Rare first day with major error, Datz records around six examples
7631058 Never Hinged
Bottom margin SeTenant Block of 4. Both bottom stamps IMPERFORATE at bottom.
7631144 Never Hinged
Imperforate Pair. Printers Waste. Small scuff on gum (shiny)

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