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456299 XF 90 Used
2007 PF Graded Certificate; Buff. Well centered with strong color and a crisp impression. A distinct and pleasing strike of Blue Circle of Wedges that is visually striking. Also, 1988 and 2003 PF Certificates.

Well struck and pretty blue cancels are few and far between on this issue.
1307208 VF-XF Used
2015 PSE Certificate; Yellow. Bright color and nicely centered, blue cancellation. Two shorter perfs at bottom right. Also, 1998 and 2003 PF Certificates.
531313 XF 90 Used
2015 PF Graded Certificate; Green. Very pretty stamp, with extremely fine centering and a lovely very light BLUE grid and partial CDS cancellation. Also, 2001 PF Certificate.
531316 VF 80 Used
2015 PF Graded Certificate; Green & violet. Vibrant colors and crisp impression, nicely centered with a pleasing RED fancy cancellation. Also, 2003 PF Certificate.
1336986 VF 80 Used
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Green. 'I' Grill.

PSE POP: 19 Total USED Singles graded; ONE 98, ONE 95, FIVE 90, ONE 85J, FIVE 85, ONE 80J, THREE 80, balance graded lower.
1333403 XF 90 Used
2017 PSE Graded Certificate; Red Orange.
1086834 XF 90J Used
2006 PSE Graded Certificate; Full black. Intense shade and vibrant color with fully detailed impression. Extremely fine centering amid quite large, Jumbo margins. Moderate grid cancellation.
1023463 XF 90 Used
2005 PSE Graded Certificate; Blue green. Well centered with strong color and impression. Mild quartered cork cancel. Also, 2002 PF Certificate.

Ex. Kirke.
1285436 Superb 98 Used
2014 PSE Graded Certificate; Green.
1273804 XF-Superb 95J Used
2013 PSE Graded Certificate; Indigo. Giant margins and exceptional centering. Grade reduced (original post-it note from Master Grader Bill Litle) to 95J due to cancellation. Also, 2009 PSE Certificate.
521445 VF-XF 85 Used
2014 PF Graded Certificate; Dark green. Very nicely centered with rich color. Double Oval Registry Cancellation
1224567 VF-XF 85 Used
2010 PSE Graded Certificate; Orange Brown. Also, 1986 PF Certificate.

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