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1277915 XF-Superb 95J Used
2014 PSE Graded Certificate; Red brown. Right side margin single with full to Jumbo margins, Strong color and impression with appealing black and red cancels. Also, 2006 PF Certificate.
1323996 Superb 98 Used
2016 PSE Graded Certificate; Blue. Perfectly centered with strong color. Mostly face-free double ring cancellation.
1266277 Superb 98 Used
2013 PSE Graded Certificate; Carmine. Strong color and impression, perfectly centered, nice perforations around - a pleasing cork cancellation. Also, 2010 PSE Certificate.
1276469 XF-Superb 95 Used
2014 PSE Graded Certificate; Bright blue. Lovely stamp with exceptional centering and nice perforations around. Bright color, crisp impression and a face-free cancellation. Ex. Mayer and Hinrichs. Also, 2003 PSE Certificate and 1994 PF Certificate.

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