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Grading performed by The Philatelic Foundation, and/or PSE.

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2468 b Pl#Str/3 - Superb 98, Never Hinged
Lot Number: 1322523
Scott #: 2468 b Pl#Str/3       See all #2468-b Pl#Str/3 Stamps
Year: 1993
Description: 2016 PSE Graded Certificate. Blue and Scarlet. Plate# Coil Strip of 3; Plate #3
Condition: Never Hinged
Centering: Superb
Num Grade: 98

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(Displaying 28 - 28 of 45) Sales History for SC#: 2468 b Pl#Str/3

Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1322511 2468 b Used Superb 98 10-07-2016 $100.00

SC#: 2468b Pl#Str/3 Currently Available for Sale

Scott # Lot No Description Price
1322523 Superb 98 Never Hinged
2016 PSE Graded Certificate; Blue and Scarlet. Plate# Coil Strip of 3; Plate #3