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119 - F, Used
Lot Number: 7631155
Scott #: 119       See all #119- Stamps
Year: 1869
Description: Brown and Blue. Type II. Large Shift of Blue Vignette, to the left. Very minor paper faults.
Condition: Used
Centering: F

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Value Guidance for SC#: 119 - F, Used

- - $230 Sales History for SC#: 119

Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
531315 119 Used VF-XF 85 02-29-2016 $350.00
1248875 119 Used VF-XF 85 06-27-2015 $275.00
246021 119 b Used F-VF 04-13-2014 $18000.00
1294555 119 Used F 03-02-2014 $125.00
1276928 119 Used VF-XF 85 02-04-2014 $325.00

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SC#: 119 Currently Available for Sale

Scott # Lot No Description Price
7631151 Used
Brown and Blue. Type II. Astonishing Two-way Vignette shift. Vignette is shifted well to the right and down noticeably. Very easy to see complete Type II characteristics with a massive shift like this one.
7631155 F Used
Brown and Blue. Type II. Large Shift of Blue Vignette, to the left. Very minor paper faults.
7631154 VG Used
Brown and Blue. Type II. TWO-way Vignette shift, down and to the right by a significant degree. Small paper condition issues, nothing all that noteworthy.
335016 F-VF Used
1999 PF Certificate; Brown and Blue. Type II. Very presentable example with Black Circle of Wedges cancel.