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27 - F 70, No Gum
Lot Number: 79861
Scott #: 27
Year: 1858
Description: 2008 PSE Graded Certificate. Brick Red. Unmistakable Brick Red shade. Tremendously rare stamp. Unused, No Gum, natural paper inclusion at the upper right, which really does not detract or stand-out that noticeably. Actually better centered than most 70's. Full and intact perforations.

This is the only PSE Graded Unused example, and to indicate how difficult, only two copies with original gum have been graded by PSE, the highest also being a F70.

SMQ Value = $14,500
Condition: No Gum
Centering: F
Num Grade: 70
Purchase: Sold!

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PSE Population Report for SC#: 27

Grade Scott No. Condition Count Total Date Graded Higher
70 27 No Gum 1 1 08-16-2010 None Higher Sales History for SC#: 27

Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
236533 27 Used F 03-26-2015 $675.00
79861 27 No Gum F 70 06-25-2012 $14065.00