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11 A - VF, Used
Lot Number: 198585
Scott #: 11 A
Year: 1857
Description: 2009 PSE Certificate. Plum. Type II. Four clear margins, from large margins to clear. Acceptable appearing Pen Cancel. From the Hulme collection; RAS original auction lot description cites a tiny thin speck and a tiny corner crease.

(Please see the feedback note written by Bill Litle, that accompanied this item upon return from PSE shortly after the Hulme sale. We agree with Dr. Litle's assessment. The note is included in the Lot.

Ex. Hulme

A Rare Shade

From The LONESTAR Collection
Condition: Used
Centering: VF
Purchase: Sold!

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Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
436121 11 Var Used VF 12-26-2017 $130.00
436123 11 Var Used VF-XF 12-05-2017 $80.00
436141 11 A Var Used XF-Superb 11-01-2017 $90.00
1190058 11 A Used GEM 100 07-06-2017 $695.99
1504856 11 A Used XF 90 07-03-2017 $85.00

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