Graded MINT Stamps Never Hinged Fine 70 to GEM100

Grading performed by The Philatelic Foundation, and/or PSE.

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118 - VF-XF, Used
Lot Number: 236889
Scott #: 118       See all #118- Stamps
Year: 1869
Description: 2011 PSE Graded Certificate. Brown and Blue. Very well centered, no doubt assisted by the reperforation at the left. 'Clear' 1998 PF Certificate.
Condition: Used
Centering: VF-XF
Purchase: Sold!

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Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1286205 118 Used VF 80 07-26-2015 $450.00
1242998 118 Used XF 90 04-08-2014 $1350.00
315888 118 Used F 09-23-2013 $400.00
485735 118 a OG VF-XF 09-16-2012 $10500.00
236889 118 Used VF-XF 02-05-2012 $400.00

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SC#: 118 Currently Available for Sale

Scott # Lot No Description Price
7631153 F-VF Used
Brown and Blue. Type I. Stunning Two-way Vignette shift. Vignette is shifted well to the right and down, very noticeably. Type I characteristics obvious with this large of a shift.
7631152 F-VF Used
Brown and Blue. Type I. Large Vignette shift down and to the Left.