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356 Pair - VF, Used
Lot Number: 482968
Scott #: 356 Pair
Year: 1909
Description: 2010 PF Certificate. Yellow. Coil Pair. Very Rare. A few rejoined perforations at bottom (expertly done). Bright Color and sharp impression. While close at top, the side to side centering is nicer than most others.

The Philatelic Foundation has certified fewer than twenty used 356 pairs, while Professional Stamp Experts has Certified only Two.

One of the Rarest 20th Century Used Coils - which is seldom offered in the marketplace.
Condition: Used
Centering: VF
Purchase: Sold!

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Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1206625 356 Pair Never Hinged VF 80 01-28-2013 $20000.00
482968 356 Pair Used VF 12-23-2011 $8000.00
150638 356 Pair OG F-VF 75 11-22-2011 $2450.00