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11 A - Used
Lot Number: 336290
Scott #: 11 A
Year: 1857
Description: Message Printed on Outside of envelope (1857). February 24, Troy, N.Y. to Bradford, Me. Unsealed illustrated advertising envelope for the Troy Bell Foundry franked with a F-VF 1851 3c Type II (11A) tied by Feb 24 Troy c.d.s.; minor corner and edge flaws, still fresh and Fine to Very Fine; includes two-page circular illustrating various types of bells.

The addition of printed advertisements to the outside of envelopes containing circulars was apparently considered by the Post Office to violate the spirit of the printed matter rates. A new law was enacted, effective January 2, 1857, that required full letter rates for printed matter enclosed in printed envelopes.

Ex. Cipolla
Condition: Used
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436121 11 Var Used VF 12-26-2017 $130.00
436123 11 Var Used VF-XF 12-05-2017 $80.00
436141 11 A Var Used XF-Superb 11-01-2017 $90.00
1190058 11 A Used GEM 100 07-06-2017 $695.99
1504856 11 A Used XF 90 07-03-2017 $85.00

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