Graded MINT Stamps Never Hinged Fine 70 to GEM100

Grading performed by The Philatelic Foundation, and/or PSE.

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RW8 - XF 90, Never Hinged
Lot Number: 106405
Scott #: RW8       See all #RW8- Stamps
Year: 1941
Description: 2005 PSE Graded Certificate. Brown Carmine. Few, natural plate gum creases, a short vertical gum skip, but very well centered for a 90, appears there was serious points taken for the gum skip as this stamp is exceptionally well centered.
Condition: Never Hinged
Centering: XF
Num Grade: 90
Purchase: Sold!

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PSE Population Report for SC#: RW 8

Grade Scott No. Condition Count Total Date Graded Higher
90 RW 8 Never Hinged 41 169 03-14-2015 64 Sales History for SC#: RW 8

Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1030563 RW 8 Never Hinged XF 90 05-29-2015 $175.00
1284669 RW 8 Never Hinged XF-Superb 95 09-24-2014 $500.00
108456 RW 8 Never Hinged XF-Superb 95 10-10-2012 $300.00
106405 RW 8 Never Hinged XF 90 02-20-2012 $124.95
336157 RW 8 Never Hinged VF-XF 85 09-19-2005 $280.00

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SC#: RW8 Currently Available for Sale

Scott # Lot No Description Price
439285 XF-Superb 95 OG
2006 PF Graded Certificate; Brown carmine. Wide-top Plate# 146282 Single. Exceptionally well centered with bright color. Original gum, only the very faintest evidence of prior hinging. Couple minuscule natural gum skips. Also, 2001 PF Certificate (as Never Hinged)