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Q7 - GEM 100J, Used
Lot Number: 1168663
Scott #: Q7
Year: 1913
Description: PSE Graded Capsule. Carmine rose. Astonishing. What more can be said? It's hard to imagine a Q bigger than this stamp. Dripping with eye appeal, this stamp would immediately make the rest of your jumbo's look like regular margined stamps.
Condition: Used
Centering: GEM
Num Grade: 100J
Purchase: Sold!

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PSE Population Report for SC#: Q 7

Grade Scott No. Condition Count Total Date Graded Higher
100J Q 7 Used 1 15 10-22-2015 None Higher Sales History for SC#: Q 7

Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1177075 Q 7 Never Hinged XF 90J 11-26-2017 $350.00
1303746 Q 7 Used Superb 98J 10-23-2015 $875.00
1302720 Q 7 Used Superb 98 10-18-2015 $700.00
1168663 Q 7 Used GEM 100J 09-27-2013 $3650.00
193540 Q 7 OG XF 90J 03-06-2012 $89.95

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