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C23 a - Superb, Never Hinged
Lot Number: 1294849
Scott #: C23 a
Year: 1938
Description: Dark Blue and Carmine. Block of 12. An Exceptional Quality Major Error. Lower left corner margin block of 12 with Arrow and Guideline. Six Vertical pairs, Horizontally Imperforate. Very high quality multiple of this great Airmail Major Error. Color is bright and fresh - as is the impressions. Vertical perforations are perfectly placed, between the design. The gum is Pristine and immaculate, with zero evidence of prior hinging of any kind.

Price includes Certificate from service of your choice; PF, PSE or PSAG, if desired.
Condition: Never Hinged
Centering: Superb
Purchase: Sold!

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Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1333323 C 23 Used Superb 98 10-06-2017 $400.00
1327311 C 23 Used Superb 98J 04-30-2017 $1000.00
1327896 C 23 Used GEM 100J 02-09-2017 $2500.00
7650090 C 23 a Never Hinged VF-XF 12-20-2016 $249.99
1318387 C 23 Never Hinged Superb 98 11-09-2016 $500.00

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