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262 - Superb 98, OG
Lot Number: 522081
Scott #: 262
Year: 1894
Description: 2014 PF Graded Certificate. Bright Blue. A rare stamp using any criteria. Only 10,067 copies printed by BEP - 121 years ago. This very high quality stamp is a true Condition Rarity. This issue is notorious for small margins, poor centering or unattractive perforations.

This beautiful stamp has picture frame centering, amid generous margins with nice perforations. Rich color and a crisply detailed impression on fresh paper. Full Mint original gum, previously hinged with light hinge mark.

PSAG graded this beauty 100. PF has graded it 98XQ. We have never seen a perforated stamp where the PF has issued a grade 100. PF has, however, appended their XQ rating here.

The PF XQ rating is granted only on stamps with 'exceptional characteristics.'
Condition: OG
Centering: Superb
Num Grade: 98
Purchase: Sold!

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Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1195864 262 Used XF-Superb 95 07-29-2017 $6475.00
522081 262 OG Superb 98 02-18-2015 $17500.00
1033082 262 No Gum XF-Superb 95 04-09-2014 $1400.00
356781 262 Used VF-XF 01-06-2013 $900.00