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2 CF - VF-XF, Unused
Lot Number: 7631108
Scott #: 2 CF
Year: (1847)
Description: Sperati Forgery.

An extraordinary item.

This 'stamp' is unused with gum. The vast majority of Sperati's US 1847 'work' involves used stamps. Sperati, while a master forger, couldn't replicate post office gum. The attempt to replicate 'gum' here is feeble. The 'gum' is thick, brown in color and a rough texture. There is a single, partial hinge remnant. (see photo.)

The provenance is of particular interest. Included is an original letter from Raymond H. Weill to 'Texas Collector' and Oil tycoon, T. Cullen Davis, the richest man to ever stand trial for murder. Apparently, Weill had discovered this stamp in Cullen's stamp album in 1964. Was this sold to Mr. Davis as an original gum Mint#2? One wonders.

The signature is not Sperati, it appears an earlier signature (appears to be Sperati's), was poorly erased and written over- most likely a dealer guarantee.
Condition: Unused
Centering: VF-XF
Purchase: Sold!

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Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1201455 2 Used XF-Superb 95 07-22-2017 $2500.00
1059859 2 Used VF-XF 85 12-15-2016 $999.99
488730 2 Var Used VF 09-09-2016 $3000.00
7631108 2 CF Unused VF-XF 07-13-2016 $1475.00
1259565 2 Used XF 90 07-13-2016 $1500.00

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