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449 Pair - F-VF 75, Used
Lot Number: 1302242
Scott #: 449 Pair
Year: 1915
Description: 2015 PSE Graded Certificate. Red. Type I. Coil pair. The rarity of this pair cannot be overstated. Singles can be found, but pairs, are nearly impossible and certainly do not exist perfectly or even well-centered. This pair with Registry Oval cancels. FVF centering with top and bottom clear, but nicely balanced side margins, two slightly nibbed perfs at top which are not noted on either certificate. Also, 2003 PF Certificate.

PSE POP provides insight into rarity of this issue in a Used pair format, and the range of centering. There are 2 75's, and 2 80's, with nothing higher than 80.

Ex. Twig-Smith, Concord
Condition: Used
Centering: F-VF
Num Grade: 75
Purchase: Sold!

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Value Guidance for SC#: 449 Pair - F-VF 75, Used

$4000 $3500 $5250

PSE Population Report for SC#: 449 Pair

Grade Scott No. Condition Count Total Date Graded Higher
75 449 Pair Used 2 4 08-05-2015 2 Sales History for SC#: 449 Pair

Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1290402 449 Single Used Superb 98 02-17-2017 $4250.00
1302242 449 Pair Used F-VF 75 11-13-2015 $3500.00
1261164 449 Single Used Superb 98 05-23-2013 $4500.00
98474 449 Single Used F-VF 04-07-2011 $300.00