Graded MINT Stamps Fine 70 to GEM100

Grading performed by The Philatelic Foundation, and/or PSE.

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188 - GEM 100J, Used
Lot Number: 1274357
Scott #: 188
Year: 1879
Description: 2013 PSE Graded Certificate. Brown. Perfect specimen and condition rarity. This stamp has it all - rich color and strong impression, nice even perforations around, mathematically balanced margins, a very light purple and black cancel and is simply dripping with Eye Appeal. This stamp has remained the single 100J for years now and is the Highest Graded PSE example listed in POP reports. Over 60% of the 136 copies graded by PSE are 95 or below, a stark indicator of how difficult it is to find this stamp well centered.
Condition: Used
Centering: GEM
Num Grade: 100J
Purchase: Sold!

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PSE Population Report for SC#: 188

Grade Scott No. Condition Count Total Date Graded Higher
100J 188 Used 1 135 07-15-2016 None Higher Sales History for SC#: 188

Lot No. Scott No. Condition Centering Grade Date Price
1318351 188 Used XF 90J 11-03-2017 $175.00
1307210 188 Used XF 90J 08-06-2017 $225.00
1274357 188 Used GEM 100J 08-30-2016 $4850.00
122933 188 Used XF-Superb 95 05-29-2015 $300.00
564003 188 Used Superb 98J 01-30-2015 $700.00

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