NEW - Lonestar prices have been reduced,  great stamps still available  

Proudly Introducing........... is pleased to introduce
our Newest Sales Gallery:
The Lonestar Collection

--  Complete from #1 to #101 (lacking only #85A, D and F)
--  Complete 1869's and Complete 1869 Re-Issues PLUS, Two of the Three Inverts !

--  Catalog Listed Varieties abound

This wonderful collection which spans from Scott#1 to #188, was carefully
formed by a Texas collector over the last decade. This gentleman had an
excellent eye for quality stamps, with an emphasis on Scott Specialized Catalog
listed varieties. He was keen on color cancels, had a strong interest in shades - many
stamps have examples of most, if not all of the major listed shades, including rare
and elusive shades.
Scott listed Paper Varieties are also well represented, including several rarities. 


Please visit The Lonestar Gallery often.


March 2011