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United States Stamps?


  • Wholesaling to a dealer will most certainly 'cost' you a greater percentage than our modest sales commission.
  • Auction realizations have been unpredictable during the last couple of years. Are you concerned about selling your stamps in a potentially uncertain price environment?
  • When selling at auction, a Seller (consignor) will 'pay' as much as 36% OF the SALES price realized.
    (The Buyers Premium charged by Public Auctions is actually a 'cost' to the Seller. To compare selling costs, you must combine the selling fee PLUS the buyers' fee, in order to determine your actual Auction selling costs).

  • offers a single sellers commission - which provides you the lowest possible selling cost.
  • Our Net Price Consignment Sales program protects you, and the value of your stamps.
  • Bottom Line - The Consignor receives a greater share of the final selling price at
  • Search our Sales Archive by Scott Catalog Number
  • Minimum Value of consignment - $5,000
  • Contact us NOW if you have Certified or Graded US Stamps that you want to sell and learn how easy it is to gain access to the client base of advanced collectors

*We accept stamps graded or certified by PSE, The Philatelic Foundation or PSAG

2013 Selected Sales

Scott# 73
Sold for $3,150
Scott# 77
Sold for $1,250
Scott# 29
Sold for $3,500
Scott# 63b
Sold for $4,250
Scott# 311
Sold for $7,800
Scott# 449 Single
Sold for $4,500
Scott# 292
Sold for $1,500
Scott# 299
Sold for $2,100
Scott# K12
Sold for $1,575
Scott# 122
Sold for $2,500
Scott# 243
Sold for $5,250
Scott# 296
Sold for $1,200


Scott # 244
Sold for $5,750
Scott # 124-5
Sold for $28,750
Scott #356 Pair
Sold for $20,000


Q4-2012 Selected Sales

Scott # 78c
Sold for $16,000
Scott # 235
Sold for $3,500
Scott # 276A Pair
Sold for $10,500


Q3-2012 Selected Sales

Scott # E5
Sold for $2,500
Scott # 550
Sold for $2,650
Scott # 402
Sold for $1,100


Q2-2012 Selected Sales

Scott # 73g
Sold for $8,500
Scott # 137 Var
Sold for $2,850
Scott # 434
Sold for $2,750


Q1-2012 Selected Sales

Scott # 76a
Sold for $2,250
Scott # 1 Var
Sold for $9,500
Scott # 2 Var
Sold for $7,000







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